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  • me: *walks up to a group of middle schoolers skateboarding*
  • me: lemme show you a trick or two
  • middle schoolers: *hands me a board*
  • me: this one's called stealing
  • me: *runs away with it*


Michimiya Yui - Karasuno Girls’ Volleyball Club Captain

Track: nyah

常守 朱


I know it’s a holiday here in the States, but there’s art to be done so that I can declare my own independence from the book later on this week. 

So here is the wonderful axolotl! The story behind this piece is “missed connections”. The axolotl is believed to be extinct in the wild because the very few freshwater bodies they lived in were either drained or polluted with fertilizer run-off, which is pretty awful. The plus side is that there are lots of them in captivity, because they make for good test models for regeneration research and there are efforts being made to create a genetically diverse colony that can be released back into the wild.

So, perhaps these were the last two axolotls in the wild, and they could have saved their species… if not for this missed connection.


how did primitive accumulation wind up in adventure time


you’re not the only asshole here, John

based on this

Track: Thinking Out Loud
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: x (Deluxe Edition)


Thinking Out Loud // Ed Sheeran

Anonymous asked: I don't think reptiles are meant to be pets. They are wild animals and dont provide the same levels that dogs and cats do. Can you use a snake as a therapy amimal? No.





Okay. So I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t say this about someone’s cute little aquatic turtle or someone’s fish or a tree frog. I’m willing to bet any amount of money that this comes from bias towards snakes because of your ignorant misconceptions. It’s okay to not understand an animal or be afraid of it. It’s not okay to tell me that I’m less deserving of my animals because of your personal issues with them.

As far as them being therapy animals goes, I can and will say that the most calming thing I have the ability to do at home is sit down with olly on my stomach or my lap and run my hands gently down him, which he doesn’t mind at all. My snakes have the ability to let me de-compress in only a few minutes when I’m stressed just by letting me touch them.

People find their own personal therapy jn different ways. Some people do best with therapy dogs and whatnot, some people use sensory objects, some people go on walks, I handle my snakes.

Thanks though.

To add to this, I have TERRIBLE anxiety and the calming effects handling snakes provides me with are what prevents me from having to take anti-anxiety medication. They can be fantastic therapy animals.

Agreed. If I’m near a panic attack taking out any of my snakes sends it away almost immediately. 

Reptiles can make incredible therapy animals, especially for people with allergies to fur. I’ve brought Ngarehu with me to my Mom’s hospice and the residents there were active and interested in learning more about him. He was able to make connections to people who weren’t able to connect to an active and bouncy puppy.

Personally, I find him very soothing to handle as well. In public, when I feel like I’m on the brink of an anxiety attack, I can put my hand on him and remind myself why I’m outside. He’s the best emotional support animal I could have asked for. This is perfect for me since most anti-anxiety meds just put me to sleep.

Reptiles don’t experience emotions like us, but that’s ok. Sometimes it’s really nice to just slow down and pat a lizard or a snake.


"You are who you choose to be."


time to watch anime to fill the void in my life


I swear I’m not even two minutes in and I couldn’t resist.